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Lead Geenie FAQ's
Do I have to provide my own leads? 
Yes and no! We encourage you to provide your own leads but no worries if you don’t have your own leads, you can purchase lists from us (see list pricing)

Does my list need to be skip traced?
No, if your list requires skip tracing, Lead geenie can skip trace your list at a discounted rate (see skip tracing prices)

Do I get updates? 
Yes, you will receive daily stat updates including month to date mins used

What happens if I run out of mins? 
Your account is paused until the 1st of the next month. If you wish, you can upgrade to the next plan for the current month

Can I Cancel?
Yes, we require 30 day written cancellation request to be provided by email to

Where do I send my leads to be cold called?

How many leads should I send per month? 
However many you have. We don’t have a minimum or maximum however results will vary based on quality and quantity of leads provided

How many appointments will I get? 
Results vary and appointments are not guaranteed
How do I submit list? 
Send email to with subject “skip trace request” Attach list in .csv format

How do I pay? 
Once your request is received, you will receive an invoice. If you are a returning customer, you have the option for us to charge the card you have on file.

What is minimum hit rate? 
Average hit rate is 75%

Can I get a refund? 
Our refund policy is NO refunds for any reason

Can I get a refund for leads that didn’t yield any results? 

Will I be charged for duplicates?

Can you skip company names?
No, must be a individual person.

Do results include email addresses? 
Yes, results may include landlines, cell phone numbers and email addresses.
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